Hon'ble Trustee

Rajgad Dnyanpeeth was established in 1972 by Hon.'ble Shri Anantraoji Thopte Saheb, Ex. Education Minister (MS) with a broad objective of bringing about intellectual awakening and transformation in education, economics, cultural and social fields in Maharashtra. Overall developments of all the institutions, under the ambit of Rajgad Dnyanpeeth, are resultant of the proactive involvement and incessant guidance of Hon.'ble Shri Sangramdada Thopte, Executive President of Rajgad Dnyanpeeth, who is standing MLA of Bhor-Velha-Mulshi Constituency and Hon.'ble Dr. Sau.Bhagyashree Patil, Hon.ry Secretary of Rajgad Dnyanpeeth Bhor (Pune) - 412206, M.S. , India.

Rajgad Dnyanpeeth , provides education to the students in various disciplines through primary schools(24), high schools(22), junior colleges(5), degree colleges to post graduate and research in general discipline and professional courses in Pharmacy (D. Pharm, B. Pharm, M. Pharm & Ph.D.), Computer Science (B.C.S.,B,.C.A. & M.C.S.), Agricultural Sciences, Management, Engineering , Education (B.Ed., B.A. B. Ed, M. Ed., M. Phil. and Research), , Arts, Commerce, Science and. At present more than 15,000 students from different corners of the state are pursuing their education in Rajgad Dnyanpeeth's Institutions. All are the leading and accredited institutes in rural area of Maharashtra state.

Sr.No. Name of Trustee Designation
1 Mr. Anantraoji Narayan Thopte Founder, President
2 Mr. Sangramdada Anantrao Thopte Executive President
3 Dr. Bhagyashritai Sandeep Patil Honorary Secretary
4 Mr. Tukaram Parvati Choudhari Member
5 Mrs. Shobha Haribhau Jadhav Member
6 Mr. Dinkar Murhaji Vhawal Member
7 Mr. Pandharinath Laxman Bhilare Member
8 Mr. Dnyanoba Bhikoba Ghorpade Member
9 Mr. Govind Laxman Thopate Member
10 Dr. Sandeep Nivrutti Patil Member
Board of Governance

Sr.No. Name of Members Designation
1 Shri. Sangram Anantrao Thopte
President, Rajgad Dnyanpeeth Trust
2 Dr. Bhagyashri Sandip Patil
Hon. Secretary, Rajgad Dnyanpeeth Trust
3 Mr. Milind R. Gharge
(Industrialist nominated by Trust)
4 Dr. M.M Ghaisas
(Educationist nominated by Trust)
5 Dr. A. V. Bhosale
(Educationist nominated by Trust)
6 Nominee of affiliating University
(Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune,
(Name awaited)
Member Ex-Officio
7 Nominee of the state government
Hon'ble Director,Directorate of Technical Education, Mumbai
Member Ex-Officio
8 Industrialist/Technologist/Educationist from the region nominated by the state govt. (Awaited) Member
10 Dr. Krishna Murthy
Associate Professor
11 Dr. Dipak P. Kardile
Assistant Professor
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