Parent Teacher System

As most of the students in our college are from rural background, the students hesitate to interact with staff and other students in the college. They are not aware about their potential and lack in effective communication skills. To address this, the college has adapted “Parent Teacher System” which proves very helpful for students to enhance their skill sets and to achieve their goals.


  1. To continuously monitor the academic performance of students including their attendance.
  2. To guide the students about learning outcomes, type of assignments, examination processes, how to improve presentation skills and importance of self-study.
  3. To interact with students to solve problems which may be either educational, economical, health related or personal.
  4. To imbibe high moral values and ethics in students.
Role of parent teacher in the Parent Teacher System

  1. Parent teacher acclimatize the new students to the campus life and ease the upset of transfer to a new place. They also helps the students to overcome home sickness.
  2. Conducting regular meeting with the students for providing academic counseling, monitoring attendance and behavioral aspects of each student and encourage them on professional ethics and conduct.
  3. Identify the strengths/weaknesses of the students and find remedies for the student’s problems.
  4. Encourage students to participate in extracurricular & co-curricular activities and thus enrich their educational experience.
  5. Guide about career aspirations of the students.
  6. Support students in intellectual as well as subjective skill development process and inculcate high moral values.
  7. Poor performance of students is improved by suggesting techniques to enhance learning, if required parent teacher calls the parent of student.
Guidance by parent teacher

  1. After admission

    The parent teacher takes up responsibility of safeguarding and nurturing the newly admitted students. The teachers help the first year students to get acclimatized to the college environment.

  2. For progress of students

    Once the students acclimatize with the new environment and course, the focus of parent teacher is towards guiding the students to excel in the curricular and extracurricular activities. The parent teacher supports the students in intellectual as well as subjective skill development process and inculcates high moral values in the mind of students.

  3. For career development

    Parent teacher guides the students about various career options available. The continuous interaction of the parent teacher helps the students in development of their personality, strengthening positive traits and sharpening interpersonal skill for achieving success in the career after completion of course.

  4. For general wellbeing

    Parent teachers counsel the students regarding maintenance of physical and mental health.

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