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Infrastructure Facilities

The institution has adequate infractructure and physical facilities for teaching - learning

A well planned building of the Pharmacy institute houses class rooms, tutorial rooms and all required departmental laboratories as per AICTE norms. The details of facilities are as described under.

Classrooms There are six classrooms in the college, three classrooms for undergraduate programme and three classrooms for post graduate programme. Each classroom has adequate area for effective teaching and learning. All the classrooms are well ventilated, illuminated and have CCTV surveillance. There are two ICT-enabled classrooms which has LCD projector, Interactive board with white screen and Wi-fi connectivity.
Tutorial room Tutorial room is available for UG course and for PG course. Tutorial rooms have LCD projector with white screen.
Seminar Hall Seminar hall is well furnished , it has LCD projector and good public address system. Seminal hall has adequate seating capacity for students.
Teleconference College has Teleconferencing facility and intercom facility to connect several persons at a time through audio facility. College has video conference facility under ICT facility such as computers, laptops, projectors, white screen and Wi-fi.
Laboratory P.G laboratory of Pharmacology is equipped with sophisticated instruments like Stereotaxic apparatus (Marshap) Power lab (AD instruments), Plethysmometer (Ugo Basile), Elevated plus maze (Rolex insruments), Eddy’s Analgesiometer (Orchid), Rotarod (mvtex) etc.
P.G laboratory of Pharmaceutics is equipped with Dissolution test apparatus (LABINDIA DS 8000), Brookfield Viscometer, Tablet Disintegration tester (LABINDIA DT 1000).
P.G laboratory of Quality Assurance techniques is equipped with Orbital shaking incubator (Remi), Humidity chamber (Bio – Technice India).
Computer Center Computer laboratory have computers of configuration i3 and i5. All the computers are LAN connected. Computers are installed with windows 8, windows system softwares and application softwares such as Biostat, Prism, Chemsketch, Chemdraw,. Computer laboratory has facilities such as printer, scanner etc.
Language Laboratory Language laboratory is situated in Library with computers of configuration i3 and i5 installed with Language laboratory software Biyani software. All the computers are LAN connected
Instrument Laboratory(Skill Lab) Instrument Laboratory is equipped with instruments such as UV-spectrophotometer (JASCO), FTIR (JASCO), HPLC (JASCO), Flame Photometer, Fluorimeter, Polarimeter, Colorimeter, Potentiometer and Conductometer.
Machine room Machine room is equipped with Tablet compression machine (CADMAC), Capsule filling machine (LABINDIA), blenders and mixers.
Animal house laboratory Animal house laboratory has facility of storage of animals and for cleaning and maintenance. Animal house is well ventilated and illuminated. Animal house has various facilities like air conditioner, exhaust fan, cages and racks. Audit of animal house is conducted by CPCSEA committee.
Seminar Hall
Computer Center
Conference Room
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