College Committees

Examination Committee

    The Examination Committee must guarantee the quality of the internal examination and the marks allotted to the candidate. To this purpose, Administration gives certain tasks and powers to the Examination Committee.

# Name Designation Contact Number Email-ID
1 Dr. R. V. Shete Principal (Chairman) 9822336456
2 Prof. D. P. Kardile Exam Officer(Member Secretary) 8600550160
3 Dr. R. S. Solunke Academic In charge (UG) (Member) 9421367742
4 Dr. K. G. Murthy Academic In charge (PG) (Member) 8390906161
5 Prof. V. C. Bhagat Faculty Member 9860631141
6 Mr. G. Y. Bhadale Clerk (Member) 9764685934

  1. To determine in an objective and expert manner whether a student meets the requirements with regard to knowledge, insight and skills, which are laid down in the Program and Examination Regulations, for obtaining internal marks.
  2. To safeguard the quality of internal examinations to be conducted at institute level.
  3. To establish procedures and instructions within for assessing and determining the results of examinations.
  4. To safeguard the quality of the organization and the examination procedures.
  5. To take measures against fraud.
  6. To appoint examiners for conducting exams and determining the results of the same.
  7. The setting and moderation of the question papers as per the guidelines of the exam section and SPPU, Pune.
  8. Display of statement of internal marks on student notice board.
  9. Final scrutinization of all the papers and submission of internal marks to university. Preparation and submission of annual exam report.
NSS Committee Constitution (2019-20)

# Name Designation
1 Dr. R. V. Shete Principal - Chairman
2 Mr. S. K. Budhawale Teaching staff - NSS Program Officer
3 Mr. V. S. Adak Teaching staff - Member
4 Mrs. M. B. Kamble Teaching staff - Member
5 Mr. S. R. Borate Teaching staff - Member
6 Mrs. V. V. Kunjir Teaching staff - Member
7 Mr. R. N. Gavhane Non-Teaching staff - Member
8 Miss. Shital K. Kawade Student Coordinator - Member
9 Mr. AkshayA.Dhore Student Coordinator - Member
Duties & Responsibilities

  1. To conduct intra and inter collegiate social events related to health and profession.
  2. To conduct National Service Scheme events as per the SavitribaiPhule Pune University (SPPU), Pune.
  3. To plan and schedule events like, Tree plantation, Cleanliness program, Health and hygiene awareness program, First Aid, Disease awareness and social issues etc.
  4. Preparation of budget and maintenance of record and expenditure of NSS unit.
  5. Arrangement of events, certificates and mementos and record of various events completed.
  6. To organize students camp to build leadership qualities.
  7. To display of Notice and activity photographs of NSS unit.
  8. To submit the report and budget of NSS activities of the academic year to the concern authorities.
Anti Ragging Committee

    As per the Notification F.No.37-3/Legal/2009 dated 01/07/2009 from AICTE, New Delhi the following Anti-Ragging / High level Standing Committee is constituted for academic year 2019-20 to prohibit, prevent and eliminate the scourage of ragging in and outside the college.

# Name Designation Contact Number Status
1 Dr. R. V. Shete Principal 9822336456 Chairman
2 Ms. Deshmukh M.T. Representative of teaching staff 9850812489 Member
3 Mr. Budhavale S.K. Representative of teaching staff 9822044604 Member
4 Senior representative Bhor Police Station Police representative 02113222533 Member
5 Prof. Deshmukh Umesh Representative of civil administration 9921572857 Member
6 Mr. Vaibhav Dhadve Representative of media 9765566955 Member
7 Mr. Kothawale D. S. Representative of youth NGO 9527269988 Member
8 Mr. Bhadale G.Y. Representative of Nonteaching 9764685934 Member
9 Ms.Siddhi Gurav F.Y.B.Pharm. student 8108485699 Member
10 Mr.Fajage Dipak S.Y.B.Pharm. student 7218234857 Member
11 Ms.Adsul Meghana M T. Y. B. Pharm.student 9067905140 Member
12 Mr. Gole Sanket S. Final.Y.B.Pharm. student 7083410322 Member
13 Ms.Trupti A. Chavan First Yr. M.Pharm. student 7755989815 Member
14 Mr.PraffullaGavhane Second Yr. M.Pharm. student 7066787701 Member
15 Mr. Gole Sanjay S. Parent representative 9763581804 Member
Duties & Responsibilities

  1. To ensure compliance with the provision the provision of Regulation as per AICTE notification as well as the provision of Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging Act, 1999.
  2. To monitor and oversee the performance of the Anti-Ragging Squad in prevention of ragging in the institution.
  3. All the concerned are hereby to note the same and act accordingly.
Anti-Ragging Squard Committee

    As per the Notification F.No.37-3/Legal/2009 dated 01/07/2009 from AICTE , New Delhi the following Anti-Ragging squad is constituted for academic year 2019-20 to prohibit , prevent and eliminate the scourage of ragging in and outside the college.

# Name Designation Contact Number Status
1 Dr. R. V. Shete Principal 9822336456 Chairman- Ex. Officio
2 Ms. Deshmukh M.T. Asst.Prof. 9850812489 Member Secretary
3 Ms.Kunjir V.V. Asst.Prof. 9096341515 Member
4 Mr. Adak V.S. Asst.Prof. 7588071777 Member
5 Mr.Budhavale S.K. Asst.Prof. 9822044604 Member
6 Mr.Solunkhe R.S. Asst.Prof. 9421367742 Member
7 Mr.Kardile D.P. Asst.Prof. 8600550160 Member
8 Mrs. Shelar S.B. Girl’s hostel warden 9850292146 Member
9 Mr. Sapkal Sunil S. Boy’s hostel warden 9359721606 Member
Duties & Responsibilities

  1. To conduct surprise visits to hostels.
  2. To caution and educate the students on the ills of ragging.
  3. To maintain vigil, oversight and perform patrolling functions by remaining mobile, alert and active at all times.
  4. To conduct on the spot enquiry into any incident of ragging and submit report.
Sports Committee

    Following sport committee is constituted for academic year 2019-20 for the smooth and healthy running of sport activities in college as well as during intercollege competitions.

# Name Designation
1 Dr. R. V. Shete Chairman (Principal)
2 Prof. Kunjir V.V. Sport Coordinator (Ladies)
3 Prof. Borate S.R. Sport Coordinator (Gents)
4 Miss. Bhoite Trupti Student General Secretary
5 Mr. Gole Sanket Sport Secretary (Boys)
6 Miss. Shedage Komal Sport Secretary (Girls)
7 Mr. Mohite Class Representative (F.Y.B.Pharm)
8 Mr. Rathod Amol Class Representative (S.Y.B.Pharm)
9 Mr. Khedkar Aniket Class Representative (T.Y.B.Pharm)
10 Mr. Shete Nikhil Class Representative (Final.Y.B.Pharm)
Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Attend all committee meetings.
  2. To assist in implementing the year plan for the college Sports.
  3. To organize various indoor and outdoor games and motivate students to participate in sports events.
  4. To provide Sports facilities and healthy environment for students to participate in sport activities.
  5. Keep update about ongoing activities, new agenda’s and other concerned activities.
  6. Communicate with concerns work progress and provide suggestions for better implementation of sport activities.
  7. Work with the committee to develop agenda and fulfillment of arranged activities.
  8. To prepare record of sport activities and maintain up to date.
Alumni Association Committee

# Name Designation Qualification Address Contact Number
1 Dr. R. V. Shete Ex-officio Chairman M.Pharm Ph.D. 23-1,Shivapur Ali,Gulabrao Baincha Wada,Near Bhoreshwar Mandir,Bhor,Tal- Bhor ,Dist- Pune. Pin-412206 9822336456
2 Prof. Sonawane Rahul Atmaram Ex-officio Co-ordinator M.Pharm A/p-Nhavi,Tal-Bhor,Dist-Pune, Pin-412205 9881750175
3 Mr. Hegade Krushna President B.Pharm D-204,Dreams Nandini,Near Manjari Stud Farmi,Solapur Highway,Manjari Tal-Haveli,Dist- Pune ,Pin-412307 9860999132
4 Mr.Ladhha Pravinkumar Puranmal Secretary B.Pharm - -
5 Prof. Borate Shrikant Ramchandra Treasurer M.Pharm A/p-Moshi(Dehi Rasta) Near Moderen Pharmacy college(Ladies),Tal-Haveli,Dist-Pune-412105 9011858586
6 Mr. Shinde Mukesh Balasaheb Member M.Pharm At-Karandi,Post-Kamthadi,Tal-Bhor,Dist-Pune 9960093363
7 Miss Bhoje Rupali Balu Member M.Pharm C/O Rupesh Balu Bhoje, Sai-Siddhi Niwas, Chinchvadi, Harcheri, Tal/Dist- Ratnagiri, Pincode-416712 9673723904
8 Mr.Pancholi Ashutosh Member B.Pharm - -
9 Prof. Kardile Dipak Prabhakar Member M.Pharm A/p-Dahigaonne,Tal-Shevagaon,Dist-A’nagar 7720006269
10 Prof. Adak Vishal Sudam Member B.Pharm,Yashraj Apt.,Kadam Plaza, Bharati Hospital,Pune-Satara Rd.Kataraj-Pune-411046 7588071777
11 Mr. Awale Rohit Parshuram Member B.Pharm Dhanvantari plaza, Mangalwar Peth,Bhor, Tal-Bhor Dist-Pune 9833354583
Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (Reg No. 615/PO/Re/S/02/CPCSEA dated 04/11/2016)

# Name Designation
1 Dr. R. V. Shete Chairman & Biological Scientist
2 Dr. A. B. Gadge CPCSEA Main Nominee
3 Dr. M. S. Kamble CPCSEA Link Nominee
4 Dr. M. P. Pore Scientist from outside the Institute
5 Mr. D. R. Pachauri Socially aware Nominee
6 Dr. V. B. Gadge Scientist from outside the Institute & veterinarian
7 Mr. V. S. Adak Member Secretary & Scientist Incharge
8 Mr. S. K. Budhawale Scientist from other Discipline
9 Mr. K. J. Kore Scientist from other Discipline
IQAC Committee

# Name Designation
1 Dr. R. V. Shete Chairman
Cultural Committee (2018-19)

# Name Member Representative Designation
1 Dr. R. V. Shete Principal Chairman
2 Mrs .M.B.Kamble Pharmacognosy Department Cultural Incharge
3 Dr.R.S.Solanke UG Academic In-charge Member
4 Mr.D.P.Kardile Pharmachemistry Department Member
5 Mrs.M.T.Deshmukh Pharmaceutics Department Member
6 Mr.S.K.Budhawale Pharmacognosy Department Member
7 Miss.Sayali Chandanshiv Students Reprentative Member
8 Mr.Swapnil Kumbhar Students Reprentative Member
9 Miss.Prajkta Chaugule Students Reprentative Member
10 Miss.Sayali Dhule Students Reprentative Member
11 Mr.Akshay Dhore Students Reprentative Member
12 Miss.Sakshi Shete Students Reprentative Member
13 Miss.Sakshi Shete Students Reprentative Member
14 Mr.Rushikesh Achintalwar Students Reprentative Member
15 Miss.Pooja Talekar Students Reprentative Member

To promote and arrange extracurricular activities to bring out the talents of students in the performing arts.

Role and Responsibility

  • The Cultural Committee shall be responsible for all intra and inter collegiate cultural events in the College.
  • To plan and schedule cultural events for the academic year. (Tentative dates to be included in the academic calendar of the institute)
  • To prepare budget for all cultural events and take necessary steps for its approval
  • Procedure to organize cultural events
    1. To prepare the Annual Budget for various cultural event
    2. To obtain formal permission from the College authorities to arrange program
    3. To inform members of staff and students about the event
    4. To arrange the venue and logistics (audio/video system, dais, podium etc.).
    5. To invite the Chief Guest and other dignitaries
    6. To arrange mementos for guests and gifts/certificates for the participants
  • The committee shall display on the Notice Board information about festivals to be celebrate
  • Events arranged for students in coordination with 'Students Cultural Committee' are
    1. Fresher's Day
    2. Teachers' Day
    3. Festival Celebrations
    4. Pharmacist Day
    5. Farewell
    6. Annual Day
  • To prepare and maintain records of all cultural activities.
  • Any other duties the Principal may assign.
SAKSHAM Committee CONSTITUTION 2019-2020

    Gender sensitization cell as per Saksham guidelines has been constituted for the Academic Year 2019-20 as below

# Name Designation Contact Number Status
1 Dr. R. V. Shete Principal 9822336456 Chairman
2 Ms. Deshmukh M.T. Pharmaceutics Dept. 9850812489 Member
3 Ms.Kunjir V.V. Pharma Chemistry Dept. 9096341515 Member
4 Mrs. Kshirsagar G.J. Librarian 9850232920 Member
5 Mrs. Kale S.M. Representative Office Staff 9921572857 Member
6 Mrs. Shelar S.B. Girl’s Hostel Warden 9850292146 Member
7 Mr. Sapkal Sunil S. Boy’s Hostel Warden 9359721606 Member
8 Mrs. Mandhare T.A. Woman Academician 9527855384 Member
9 Mrs. Shete G. S. N.G.O. Representative 95522137057 Member
10 Dr. Kale S. S. Women Counselor 9822618262 Member
11 Mr. Bhadale G.Y. Office Superintendent 9764685934 Member
12 Ms. Sanap R.M. Second Yr. M. Pharm. Student 95522137057 Student Representative
13 Mr. Fuugare A.G. First Yr. M.Pharm. Student 9359191161 Student Representative
14 Mr .Karandikar A.V. Final Yr. B.Pharm. Student 8999537307 Student Representative
15 Ms. Shivtare S.V. Third Yr. B.Pharm. Student 8308462003 Student Representative
16 Ms. Dhudhane P.L. Second Yr. B. Pharm Student 7767058920 Student Representative
17 Mr. Chavan M.A. First Yr. B. Pharm Student 7506597623 Student Representative
Grievance Redressal Committee

    As per the regulations of AICTE vide Notification F.No.37-3/Legal/2012 dated 25/05/2012, Grievance Redressal Committee for women under Vishakha guidelines has been constituted for the Academic Year 2019-20.

# Name Designation Contact Number
1 Dr. R. V. Shete Principal (Chairman) 9822336456
2 Ms. Deshmukh M.T. Member 9850812489
3 Adv. Shinde Jayashri. Member 9922366618
4 Ms. Kamble M.B. Member secretary 9028928437
5 Mrs.Kale S.M. Administrative staff representative 9921572857
6 Smt.Jedhe S.B. Member ( Lab.assistant) 9822945220
7 Smt.Shirvale A.H. Member ( Lab.assistant) 8652288454
8 Ms. Lavhate K.S. Second Y. M. Pharm.student 9284703023
9 Ms.Sanap R.M. First Y. M. Pharm.student 9604962714
10 Ms.Chandanshiv S.R. Final Yr B. Pharm.student 8855851065
11 Ms.Kawade S.K. T. Y. B. Pharm.student 7083742474
12 Ms. Vagarem.D. S. Y. B. Pharm. student 7057663138
13 Ms. Gaikwad B.D. F. Y. B. Pharm.student 9373009273
Duties & Responsibilities

  1. To receive complaints if any, from the lady staff and lady students.
  2. To keep all records intact and in proper order of the complaints received.
  3. To enquire and resolve the complaints.
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