Vision, Mission & valuesCampus & Infrastructure:



To deliver the creative, innovative & better quality education at best value of the pharmacy profession, keeping in mind the prosperity & brightening future of our students. Even with your eyes closed. To break the shackles of the ordinary. To attain new pinnacles of success through human endeavour! This is your Institutes dream. And our vision for future.To be the most coveted amongst pharmacy colleges in the region. Our Institute will elevate the culture of mutual care and commitment by providing a satisfying and exciting study environment, continuous learning and research opportunities.


Our mission is to contribute to the national programme of providing graduate trained pharmaceutical man power through prescribed training programme like D. Pharm., ADTAC / B. Pharm and M. Pharm Course. Adequately with professional pharmaceutical education and effective competency to undertake the national task of meeting social and pharmaceutical needs in industrial pharmacy, medicare programme, pharmaceutical education and research.


To achieve the above stated mission the college has its goal to conduct a regular programme for diploma and under graduate courses on regular basis approve by Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), AICTE, Govt. of Maharashtra and Pune University.


The above stated courses are conducted through specified and qualified as under

To achieve brilliant academic result through well organized theoretical & practical training programme as per syllabus and calculi approved by PCI, ACITE and Pune University.
Efficient Management of the college to make the training programme cost effective and making (M.S.)

To help student to decide their future prospects through counseling and opportunity identification in the field of industrial pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, academic research and allied pharmaceutical field.

To review from time to time the desired quality to teaching aids and to include update modern laboratories equipments.

To assist the students for he replacement in various pharmaceutical industry, Hospital health services, educational field and research.

To provide and opportunity for teaching faculty to improve their qualification and quality of teaching.