Satish Dhumal :

After completing my diploma in pharmacy, I needed a platform where I could explore myself further in my chose field of study. Today, I feel very proud when I think about my decision to join the B. Pharm Program at RDCOP where I learnt to develop myself professionally as well as personally. I want to express my sincere thanks to the dedicated faculty who are always updated with the latest skills and knowledge—both theoretical and practical knowledge— and inculcate the same in their students. Not only are they excellent teachers, they are also keen in the overall development of the students. 


Kumar Sabnis :

About college I have only great things to say about RDCOP. I can speak with confidence and immense happiness that my life is truly changed by the quality education and knowledge I gained from College. Through the great eminent teachers and inspiring colleagues. I am currently working as a NeuroPhych Specialist Pharmacist. Being here I am proud to say that I am an alumni of RDCOP because of the quality pharmaceutical education and all other facilities provided by RDCOP which meets the International Standards.


Utkarsh Kelkar :

I have closely observed this college and the departments in the college during the entire period of my B. Pharm course. This is the only college, where the quality education will be provided in and around the Bhor. In the college, we have actively participated in the various programmes conducted in the college. The college is planning the academic year with curricular and extra-curricular activities.


Kavita Shah :

I feel very proud and happy to be a student of this college. The faculty, lecturers of the college are very much cooperative with the students. As being a Pharmacology Student, I have gained excellent Practical Knowledge as well as theory knowledge. I have never forget the support & encouragement given by faculty to achieve university rank from the begining of the course.